The Kovačnik farm lies 700 metres above sea in the village Planica nad Framom. The main activity is the breeding of livestock. Forty cattle are bred in close harmony with nature in our new free-range barn from the year 2012. At the construction of the barn, we paid special attention that it is friendly towards people and cattle. Further, 85 cubic metres of our own wood from our forest are incorporated in the construction. We also breed pigs, laying hens and many small cattle which are there for a relaxing contact with our young visitors (rabbits, quails, our pony Mars and ram Charlie)

We own 11 hectares of arable area, and most of it are meadows and pastures. We are aware of the importance of healthy nutrition, thus we are especially careful when preparing our meals from seasonal ingredients and we produce our own seasonal vegetables on our own vegetable garden and field (potatoes, turnips, carrots, parsley, beets, onions, beans, salad, kohlrabi, peas, kale, tomatoes…).

The farm is self-sufficient as regards to heating, as we own 25 hectares of forests. We are heating all accommodation rooms and our culinary area as well as our warm-water on wood biomass from wood-chips. This system with wood-chips was set up in autumn 2016. An important part of the working field of our farm is our sawmill for roundwood, and all furniture in our tourist facilities is made from our wood.


We buy the products, which we cannot provide ourselves, at other Slovenian farmers and producers and by this we are creating our own food-chain, which in consequence is important for our guests, neighbours and for us as well.

Organic farm Bezenik, Planica nad Framom (organic garlic)

Farm Žahnik, Planica nad Framom (seasonal vegetables)

Farm Lah, Cirkovce (pumpkin seeds)

Farm Pesek, Starše (chicken)

Farm Frešer, Kopivnik (curd cheese and cheese)

Family Greif, Fram (house wine Frambelo)

Family Frešer, Ritoznoj (Welschriesling, Sauvignon, Pinot Noir)

Family Skuber, Bukovec (Blaufränkisch)

Family Črnko, Jarenina (house wine Jareninčan)

Family Mulec, Jakobski dol (young wine Pinot gris)

Family Gönc, Ptuj (gamay)

Family Doppler, Zgornja Kungota (sparkling wine)