Angels’ desserts

At Kovačnik’s we all quite like our sweet tooth. We are convinced that sweet delicacies are a perfect ending of a lunch and its topping! Still, if you are not that much of a sweets fan, you need to try a least one of our sweet treats, which is a widely known symbol of ours.

The house delicacy of mom Angelca, the Pohorje Gibanica, is a treat from heaven which even angels cannot resist. It is made of fresh cottage cheese and lots of love following a recipe carefully tested and cherished by many generations of our family. Smooth, yet with a rich taste it will melt away in your mouth.
But there are more sweet smells coming from Kovačnik’s kitchen. Try out the 

pancakes, especially popular with our young guests, jam-buns, the potica-cake either filled with walnuts or tarragon, apple or plum pie, and various strudels, biscuits and the renowned kaiserschmarn with applesauce.
Sweets found their way into glasses, as well! As a welcome we offer you our house blueberry liqueur, pine liqueur or any other fruit or herb liqueur.

Extra homemade jams are always very in with our guests. All are prepared of fresh fruits from our home garden and from surrounding farms. Strawberry, raspberry, pear, old vine,… The choice is not that easy! Let yourself carry away by the most popular creation of Barbara, which is based on a subtle combination of rhubarb and apple. You absolutely need to try the chestnut and blueberry jam.

We welcome you in our home

We are happy to welcome you on Saturdays and Sundays between 12:00 and 22:00.

To our groups and individual guests we serve our homemade delicacies. You can enjoy them in our bright dining rooms, furnished in a pristine country style. The first dining room »At the Bread-oven« offers space for 15 people, the other »In the Garden« gives room for 40 visitors of our farm. All food is prepared freshly in our kitchen, therefore in each case we ask you to book your visit in advance.

One storey higher we are renting out three family rooms for a nice holiday stay.

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