Discover the beauties of Pohorje and of the plains of Dravsko polje

The Kovačnik farm is a perfect starting point for a visit to natural and cultural sights on the Pohorje mountain range or in the plain of Dravsko polje. We are pleased to present you the most interesting places which will enrich your visit with natural beauties and unforgettable adventures.

A walk among the giant trees of Planica

Spruce of Potnik
It is a dendrological specialty, it grows on a marble plate above a stream, the trunk has a circumference of 240 cm and is 35 m high.
(Distance: around 45 minutes walking time from the Kovačnik farm)

Chestnut of Potnik
This is a protected dentrological monument. It is a mighty, hollow chestnut tree with a circumference of 800 cm and a height of 10 m.
(Distance: around 50 minutes walking time from the Kovačnik farm)

A moment of tranquility at the church of the Holy Cross in Planica
The chapel was built already in 1679, the church in 1816.  It lies on a beautiful panoramic location, in front of it is a linden tree which is among the thickest of its kind in Slovenia. Visit the celebration of the patron saint of the church in September.
(Distance: around 30 minutes walking time from the Kovačnik farm)

Nostalgic moments at the Vešner farm
The Vešner farm is a reconstructed ethnological monument, which bears witness to the historical ways of living in the area. It is a typical pre-alpine farm, situated at the highest point of Planica at 900 m above sea.
(Distance: around 50 minutes walking time from the Kovačnik farm)

of Pohorje

The water fan of Pohorje
The waterfall of Fram shortly after the source of the Fram stream falls 16 m deep. There is a nicely arranged footpath towards the lowest point of the waterfall and it gives the visitor a splendid view on the water fan. It is just perfect for a short walk through nature.
(Distance: 20 minutes by car + 15 minutes walk)

Today the reconstructed church from the beginning of the 16th Century serves as a tourist-info centre with occasional exhibitions and music concerts. Nearby is an observation tower.
(Distance: 30 minutes by car)

Church of St. Henrik on Areh
It is the central cultural monument on the eastern part of Pohorje. The most important event is the celebration of the patron saint on the “Areh-day”, which is the last Sunday in July.
(Distance: 30 minutes by car)

The magnificent waterfalls of Pohorje
The waterfall “Veliki Šumnik [The Great Šumnik]” is the most splendid and popular waterfall in the area of Pohorje. Water falls over a 36 m long tonalite ridge. Two hundred meters underneath the Great Šumnik is the Small Šumnik, which falls in three sections 9 m deep and then another 9 m over a tonalite ridge.
(Distance: 40 minutes by car + 15 minutes walk)

At the site “Pri treh žrebljih [The three tacks]” one of the most shocking stories of the Slovenian resistance fight during World War II took place. 69 soldiers died there.
(Distance: 45 minutes by car + 5 minutes walk)

Črno jezero [The Black Lake]
This is a natural reserve of rare flora which has a distinctive dark, almost black colour due to the silt at the bottom of the lake; the water itself is crystal clear. (Distance: 45 minutes by car + 15 minutes walk)

Kočno near Polskava is a smaller village on the sunny side of the Pohorje from where you have a nice view on the plain Dravsko polje. A few years ago they established an ethnographic open-air museum. Throughout the village they have exhibited old farmers’ tools, machines and other equipment which were once used on farms in Kočno and nearby.
(Distance: 20 minutes by car)

The gorge of Bistrica with waterfalls and a Roman quarry.
The gorge of Bistrica is a picturesque valley of the stream Bistrica, full of natural sights and remains of human living and housing. The tourist and educational hiking trail leads us to a Roman quarry of white marble and to the waterfall Šum which is a rich cascade of small waterfalls which fall over granite rocks. (Distance: 35 minutes by car)

The valley invites you to a visit:

Oil-mill of Fram
The origin of the oil-mill goes back to 1750 and the tradition of processing pumpkin seeds into quality oil has shaped the mill throughout times. This makes the mill quite unique in Slovenia and also abroad.
(Distance: 8 minutes by car)

Church of St. Anna in Fram
This is a neo-roman church and it stands on the place of the old castle chapel where it offers a splendid view on the protected settlement of Fram.
(Distance: 8 minutes by car)

Castle of Rače
This is an example of a so-called island castle. The history of the building dates back to the first half of the 16th Century, when they built a mansion with four tracts and with a gothic-renaissance entrance. The castle is renovated and is known as a cultural and social centre of the municipality.
(Distance: 15 minutes by car)

Landscape park of the ponds of Rače – Požeg
It is situated on the outskirts of the plain Dravsko polje and it covers an area of 484 hectares. It is an extremely important area of the Slovenian lowlands. This is a habitat for endangered plants and animals. The landscape park is one of the loveliest sections of the Amber cycling path.
(Distance: 20 minutes by car)

Botanical garden Tal 2000
It is situated in close vicinity to the landscape park. It boasts with the biggest collection of wild and water plants in Slovenia. Also very interesting is the collection of herbs and poisonous plants.
(Distance: 30 minutes by car)

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