Homemade tradition – with a twist

All who appreciate tradition, locally produced food and a seasonal offer spiced up with a modern approach and creativity will be in culinary heaven at our farm stay.

Our cuisine is enriched by broad culinary knowledge and skills which were passed on from generation to generation, and by our love for a good treat. Traditional delicacies from Styria, as is special meat pickled in fat and onion, beef broth with liver rolls, Styrian sour soup, Pohorje stew and veal from home breeding are but a 

part of a diverse and rich offer that will pamper all your taste buds.
We, the Kovačnik family, will proudly offer you our rich cold cuts with delicious homemade meat specialties after the recipe of grandpa Janez; among them the Pohorje pickled meat and the Kovačnik salami made from beef and pork.

Further, you will find homemade liver pâté and of course a loaf of freshly baked bread from our oven.
This appetising offer is rounded up with various seasonal and traditional festive dishes, and if you order in advance we will be happy to prepare meals for vegetarians and vegans.

We welcome you in our home

We are happy to welcome you on Saturdays and Sundays between 12:00 and 22:00.

To our groups and individual guests we serve our homemade delicacies. You can enjoy them in our bright dining rooms, furnished in a pristine country style. The first dining room »At the Bread-oven« offers space for 15 people, the other »In the Garden« gives room for 40 visitors of our farm. All food is prepared freshly in our kitchen, therefore in each case we ask you to book your visit in advance.

One storey higher we are renting out three family rooms for a nice holiday stay.

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