Taking care of our guests since 1981

In heaven amidst the Pohorje mountain range, as we like to call our farm, we, the members of our family Štern: mother Angelca and father Janez, son Danilo with his wife Barbara and their children Aljaž and Julija are committed to our guests and we strive to give them a feeling of homeliness.







On the outskirts of wide forests of the Pohorje mountain

The generations of the Kovačnik family go back to the year 1824 and according to some data even back to 1770. The field name of the Farm »Kovačnik« is passed from one generation to the other and we preserved it till today, whilst the surname of the family changed throughout time. We carry our last surname, Štern, for the last three generations.

The whole family is involved in our farm: mom Angelca and Barbara are taking care of the vegetable and herb garden and they create delights from our fresh products, which our guests find either on their plates or on the shop shelf. Danilo took the farm over as a young farmer in 2008. The men in the family are in charge of the livestock; they work on the pastures, fields and in forests. Dad Janez is 

meticulously preparing our meat delicacies. Aljaž, our young “landlord”, received the gift of farming already in the cradle. Our expert host manager is Julija and with her sparkling love for animals, she lights up the hearts of all visitors.

When visiting the farm Kovačnik you will firstly notice our carefully arranged ambience around our estate. We pay great attention to our green areas. Many of our guest indulge themselves only by sitting in the green, or under the vine arbour in front of the house or on the terrace where they can admire our colourful flower beds or seasonal floral arrangements. For a carefully arranged surrounding, for the long endeavour to make our surroundings more beautiful and for our story as a 

whole the Horticultural Society of Maribor conferred us with their highest distinction – The Chrystal Rose, which we are very proud of.

Our Kovačnik’s garden with seasonal vegetables and fruits is also open to our visitors. On our specially arranged herb garden more than 60 herbs are growing, all of them have nameplates with their Slovenian and Latin name and you can learn about their application.

For our youngest and playful visitors we have a football field, a children’s’ garden house, playground with a slide, swing and a small merry-go-round. In-between the parents and the other fans can enjoy a glass of wine on the bench under the shadow of our mighty peach tree.

We welcome you in our home

We are happy to welcome you on Saturdays and Sundays between 12:00 and 22:00.

To our groups and individual guests we serve our homemade delicacies. You can enjoy them in our bright dining rooms, furnished in a pristine country style. The first dining room »At the Bread-oven« offers space for 15 people, the other »In the Garden« gives room for 40 visitors of our farm. All food is prepared freshly in our kitchen, therefore in each case we ask you to book your visit in advance.

One storey higher we are renting out three family rooms for a nice holiday stay.

Visit our farm