The Kovačnik farm is cooperating with wine producers from our nearby region and we are able to offer you an exquisite selection of local wines. Surely you will find a noble variety perfect for your taste buds.

Frambelo Greif (1 l)

The winery Greif is located in Fram. They grow their vines in vineyards on the outskirts of the Pohorje mountain range on southern and southwestern locations of Fram. The Greif family combines tradition and innovative technology. Their winemaking is renowned for elegant, aromatic, dry, well structured and drinkable wines.

Among them the most characteristic is surely the cuvée named Frambelo. Its is a cuvée of white wines where the varieties Welschriesling, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Sauvignon are forming a harmonic bouquet. This dry wine has around 11% alcohol, it has a nice freshness within its bouquet which resembles dry hay and elderflower. The wine has a rich taste and harmony, thus we can offer it to main courses and serve at a temperature between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius.

Price: EUR 8.00

Jareninčan Črnko  (1 l)

The Jareničan of the Črnko family is on the Kovačnik wine list for 30 years already.
The Family Črnko produces a superb white semi-dry cuvée under the name Jareninčan with 11% of alcohol. Its name comes from the village Jarenina (1139), which has excellent winegrowing locations.

The cuvée Jareninčan is made of varieties from the current vintage: Welschriesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Müller-Thurgau. In order to diversify its harmony they add some Yellow Muscat wine.
This bunch of diverse wine varieties offers a special freshness, which you can feel right when you smell the wine as you will be instantly convinced by its scent of citrus fruits.

The full wine with a lot of extract and only small amounts of residual sugars emphasises the rich taste with the aid of balanced acids. Yet, the Jareninčan is “a wine to be reckoned with also for the less-serious events”, as described by customers of the Črnko family from the USA. Each year a lot of bottles of this fine wine make their way over the Atlantic. We serve it at a temperature between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius.

Price: EUR 8.00

Blaufränkisch Skuber (0,75 l)

The red dry cuvée with a ruby-red colour from the varieties of Samtrot and blue Frankish which is growing on a 44-year old vine. Due to the absolute location of the near region of Bukovec this vine offers quality and superb wines. The wine is produced in a traditional manner of red-wine production, where the colouring agents are leached when fermenting and macerating and therefore creating many anti-oxidants which have a favourable effect on the human organism. The Samtrot gives the wine its drinkability and freshness, and the blue Frankish its distinct ruby-red colour and elegant bouquet and this is the reason why both varieties are so well complementing each other. A discrete scent with a unique elegant note and rich taste resembles redcurrant, raspberries, strawberries and it entangles us instantly. The cuvée Bukovčan is an average heavy red wine with 12% alcohol. We serve it at a temperature of around 16 degrees Celsius.

Price: EUR 11.00

Welschriesling Frešer (1 l)

The wine producer Frešer is cultivating organic vineyards in the area Ritoznoj, which lies on the sunny south-eastern side of the Pohorje mountain range on 400 meters above sea. Currently the seventh generation of the family is cultivating the vineyards.

Welschriesling is a dry white wine with 13% alcohol, with a pale lemon colour and a lot of CO2 bubbles. When we try it, we discover along with citrus notes also more exotic notes of ripe fruits. The residual sugar fits perfectly to the higher acid levels. It combines nicely with our house cold-cuts and with cold starters. It is chilled at a temperature between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius.

Price: EUR 15.00

Sauvignon Frešer (0,75 l)

The white dry Sauvignon is a novelty on the wine list of Frešer. The wine with its 13% alcohol is fresh, fruity and aromatic and with nice acids. In it we find aromas of blackcurrant and ripe pepper. The micro-location of Ritoznoj is just right for Sauvignon; here warm airstreams from the plain are mixing with cold air from the mountain Pohorje. This makes the wine aromatic and above all a typical Sauvignon from the local wine region of the Pohorje-outskirts. The structure of the surface is marl. The wine fits well with dishes with herbal notes. We serve it at a temperature between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius.

Price: EUR 16.00

Pinot Noir Frešer (0,75 l)

Pinot Noir shows a ruby-red colour which thrills our taste-buds with a fruity bouquet of strawberry jam with a velvet fruity aftertaste.

The Pinot Noir of Frešer is an attractive wine and it will fascinate even the most demanding connoisseurs of Pinots.

At the moment this is a quite trendy variety which goes well with beef and with pork despite its rich taste.

Price: EUR 19.00

Muškat ottonel Skuber (0,75 l)

A white semi-sweet wine from grapes of the noble variety Muscat Ottonel planted on the sunny slopes of the winegrowing area of Bukovec. This area touches the outskirts of the Pohorje mountain and it is one of the absolute locations for growing superb and high-quality wines in this wine region. For Muscat Ottonel a subtle elegant and harmonic note of nutmeg is typical, yet it is less intrusive as with the Yellow Muscat and one can recognise a midrange aroma.
The taste of the wine is nice and sweet, rounded-up and harmonic with its mellow acid and adequate residual sugar as well as with its 12% alcohol. Foremost it is a wine selected by women for special occasions and along with mildly spiced dishes. We serve it at a temperature between 10 and 12 degrees Celsius.

Price: EUR 12.00

Young wine sauvignon Greif (0,75 l)

A young Sauvignon which mesmerises you after the first smell of it – a true ladies’ wine. A soft and subtle bouquet which resembles peppers, elderflower and blackcurrant. Due to its lower levels of alcohol and a bit higher acid the wine is pleasantly fresh. The grapes for this wine were grown on northern locations and when we combine the right technological ripeness with favourable micro-climatic conditions we receive a wine with an intense bouquet and a nice, long aftertaste.

Price: EUR 13.00

Young wine Pinot Gris Mulec (0,75 l)

In the heart of the hills of Slovenske Gorice, only 15 km away from Maribor, lies the winegrowing estate Mulec. They can boast with a winegrowing tradition of the highest quality for more than a century. They have planted 5 hectares of vineyards from which they produce around 30,000 liters of wine which they fill only in bottles. The are proud to offer a diverse range of varieties, among them are 8 white varieties (Rheinriesling, Sauvignon, Traminer, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Müller-Thurgau, Yellow Muscat, Muscat Ottonel) and 2 red varieties (Zweitgelt and Pinot Noir). The best southern locations of the areas Ročica and Spodnje Hlapje add to the high-quality of the grapes and consequently of the wine, thus in the 150-year old cellar also wines with special distinctions are made. These include ice-wine, dry grapes selection and a red sparkling wine made from Pinot Noir and Zweigelt. Many medals and champion titles on wine fairs in Slovenia, Austria and England prove that all efforts are not in vain (Decanter, AWC Vienna, Vino Ljubljana).

The PUBEC Pinot Gris is a young wine from the 2016 vintage year. The wine is dry and it offers a lower acid and lower alcohol and these characteristics give the wine a special playfulness and attraction, typical for young wines. When smelled it is fresh and fruity, suitable as an aperitif or as a complete companion throughout a meal. We serve it chilled between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius.

Price: EUR 13.00


Merlot Gönc (0,75 l)

Price: EUR 19.00

Sparkling wine Doppler Diona brut 2013 (0,75 l)

Variety: 100% Chardonnay

Vineyards: Vines are pruned and trained using single and double guyot to ensure optimal sun exposure in vertical vineyards. The vines are 20 years old. Th soil structure is clay/sand on marl. The vineyards are exposed towards South-East and South-West. The production type is integrated production (40 hl / ha).

The style of the wine is a brut white sparkling wine.

Winemaking: We harvested Chardonnay on the 5th, 6th and 7th of September 2013. Only clean and ripe grapes were picked into small 20 kilo crates. Further, the grapes were gently handled with medium air contact of juice and wine. First fermentation took place over 4 weeks in stainless steel tanks at a temperature below 14°C. Then, Chardonnay was ripening on wine yeast for three months. Second fermentation was done in bottles and in an environment with controlled temperature.

Taste: This sparkling wine is produced after the classical method of secondary fermentation in bottles. Tiny bubbles that travel to the surface are connected into a likeable necklace. The persistent foam and fine structure speak for themselves. Smell and taste reveal the charm of this classical method. An elegance of “fleur of fruits” peel with notes of bread crust, impresses fans and connoisseurs of high-quality sparkling wines. The sophisticated taste of its bold body, poise and coherence of wine ingredients are the result of years of yeast maturation and successful autolysis. Diona is the pride of the winery.

Serving temperature: 6 °C.

Price: 18.00 EUR


Sparkling wine Doppler Muškat Ottonel 2012 (0,75 l)

Variety: 100% Muscat Ottonel

Vineyard: produced in vertical vineyards aged between 8 and 35 years. The soil is mostly of marl, in upper layers sand and clay.

Production type: integrated production (45 hl / ha). The style of the wine is a semi-dry white wine.

Winemaking: The harvest of the variety Muscat Ottonel was done of the 15th of September 2012 on two different sites and with two different ripening stages of the grapes which enabled two different vinifications. On one hand was a modern oenological approach with all technological procedures which offer to strengthen the characteristics of the variety and on the other hand a vinification in big oak barrels, known already to our grandfathers.

Wine description: the wine has an emphasised primary aromatic variety base. The refined fresh scent resembles lemon peel with a hint of muscat. It has an even, lasting and fresh impression with a sense of grape seed. The taste is quite strong with a lasting structure, it is smooth and drinkable. The balance of all vine ingredients is forming a complete harmonic unit.

We offer the sparkling wine at a temperature between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius.

Price: 16.00 EUR

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