Enjoy with all your senses!

At Kovačnik we put on our table only freshly prepared meals from fresh and local ingredients, therefore our menus and offers are changing through the seasons, from holiday to holiday…  We always take care that we include enough variety in our meals, and we are sure there is something for every taste!

Lunch in a winter sleeve

Welcome drink with house liqueur or natural juice
Kovačnik’s greeting with Pohorje pickled meat, salami, spreads
Aunt Barbara’s sourdough bread


Clear beef-soup with homemade noodles and liver rolls
Potatoe soup with black-pudding


Juicy roast pork
Crispy chicken from the Pesek farm
Young beef from the free range breed of Kovačnik
Cottage cheese rolls made from fresh milk of our cow Missy
Roasted potatoes with onions
Well-rounded pears made of semolina
Cooked spelt with mushrooms
Grandma’s salad bowl


The Pohorje “Gibanica” of mom Angelca made of fresh cottage cheese

PRICE per person: EUR 33

Main dish: served on a festive tray (meat and side garnish)

First course or separate cold cuts with homemade meat specialties

Pohorje pickled meat
House salami
“Kiblflajš” (smoked meat pickled in fat)
Zaseka (salted spread made of pig “fat”)
Liver pâté with herbs
Pumpkin seed spread
Cottage cheese with wild garlic
Fresh or pickled vegetable from Kovačnik’s fields
Barbara’s bread form our bread oven
Baby cow cheese with chives/walnuts/leek

PRICE per person: EUR 8

On the menu in winter (from November till March)

Welcome drink with house wine or herb liqueur
Special welcome from the kitchen


Pig’s backbone soup with bone-picking


Black-pudding and other homemade sausages
Pork ribs
Styrian sauerkraut or sour turnip
Beans garnished with cracked fat
Beetroot with horseradish
Boiled potatoes


Baked apples/pears
Gibanica (cottage-cheese pie) or apple strudel

PRICE per person: EUR 40

The menu changes with the seasons…

Welcome drink with house liqueur
Special welcome with pumpkin seed spread, herb cottage cheese
Baby cow cheese with aunt Barbara’s jam
Little house bread


Season’s soup (porcinis, wild garlic, garlic, pea, kohlrabi, pumpkin seed, chestnut)


Mashed potatoes with young nettles, wild garlic strudel, horseradish sauce (springtime)
Mangold in buckwheat dough, mashed young peas with mint, strudel with beetroot leaves (summertime)
Buckwheat pie with beetroot and onions, chayote, spelt with porcinis, basil pouch (autumn)
Topinambour with herb butter, onion wrap with dried potatoes in pumpkin seed-oil (wintertime)
Grandma’s salad bowl


The Pohorje “Gibanica” of mom Angelca

PRICE per person: EUR 37

With prior reservation we are happy to prepare and serve you a delicious, rich breakfast…

Freshly milked milk / Herbal tea of mom Angelca / barley coffee
Croissant / Kaiserschmarren / Pancakes with house jam
Pohorje pickled meat, house salami
Liver pâté
Yoghurt with cereals of the brand “Fruštek”
Butter and Prislak’s honey
Baby cow cheese
Egg omelette with cracked fat

PRICE per person: EUR 12

Planica 9, 2313 Fram, Slovenija